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Shop Straw
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 by jetboy777
It is as advertised!

It came in a bubble envelope. Mine was actually protruding from the envelope when I received. At first fitting, it didn’t go in. I used a caliper and found it to have a .085 diameter. Light sanding of the sharp edge with 400 grit allowed it to slip in easily. I confirmed excellent fitment on Blaster, CRC products, Dura-Lube and WD40. The color is also eye catching. Great product.

 by Anonymous
Shopstraw - 50inch & 10ich

Was looking for a longer Aerosol Straw to replace the standard red type straw that comes with most Aerosol Cans. It seemed no one carries a longer straw, most places said we just have the straw that comes on the can.

Wasn't sure if this was a legit business, but i chanced it and placed the order and i could not be more satisfied with the product. Exactly what i needed.
Ordered on www.Shopstraw.com March 15th, 2018 and it was delivered to Ontario Canada March 29th, 2018. There was no tracking number because it was international delivery i guess.

It came in a yellow envelope. I ordered the 50inch straw + Ten -10 inch straws in a tube. They also include a little card/flyer inside the envelope.

Just like Shopstraw says on their website ...the Green Straws look the exact same size as a red straw.

And i can verify the Shopstraw straw works perfectly with a aerosol can of:
-Krown T40
-Fluid Film
-Rust Check (red can)
-Rust Check Coat & Protect (green can)
-Corrosion Rust Cure Formula 3000

Very Pleased, wish now that i had ordered a few more, i'll be giving some away to friends.

 by Heidi Makowski

I found the 50" FlexStraw while on Amazon and went to your website - We bought the FlexStarw and mu husband has been using this for super hard to reach areas and there is nothing we have found that works better - Thanks for a great product.

 by Lois Ruslander

I am impressed with the ingenuity, packaging and usefulness of this product.


 by Aron

I don't use straws often, but more times than not, when I need one I can't find one. A pack of these lasts forever and allows me to spend more time on a project instead of hunting for a straw.

 by Darryl Floyd
Great Service

Shipping to the UK was no problem, the sales team communicate really well with the customer and go that extra mile to provide a great service. Even when you're only spending $6. I'll be recommending you to friends on forums in the UK. Thanks!

 by Mark
Great Product


great idea - I'm so happy that someone has thought to sell these products.

 by Dave

WOW... These replacement straws are awesome.

 by Lucy

I am so glad that someone had the smarts to start a company that supplies these straws. What was WD40 etc thinking when they only supplied one straw?

Anyway, thanks, because I just don't need ANOTHER can of WD40 (Think I have about 3 half used!)

 by Liz
Great Product

My dad keeps losing the straws for parts cleaners and other products, so I wanted to get him some replacements. Thank you for making it so easy to get them.