SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws are purposely dimensioned to fit all the standard aerosol can maintenance products found in your local Auto Parts and Hardware stores. Our straw dimensions exactly match the dimensions of the classic “Red Straw” that comes taped to the side of all standard aerosol cans.

In the beginning we contacted the technical product representatives at WD40® and were given the contact information for the manufacturing plant that supplies WD40® with their production line “Red Straws”. We then called the (straw) manufacturer, and their product engineers forwarded us the “Standard Nozzle Extension Specification Sheet” that contained the exact dimensions and +/- tolerances of the classic “Red Straw” used by WD40® and other Aerosol Manufactures.

To further support and prove the (straw) manufactures claims, we purchased all the standard aerosol can maintenance products that we could find out on the Commercial and Retail markets, and then used a micrometer to accurately determine the dimensions of each and every straw attached to their specific products.

The results: all straws where within the (straw) manufactures specifications. Period. No guess work. Now you can buy this product with confidence.

SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws are dimensioned for use with general aerosol can maintenance products such as brake, carb, and parts cleaners, lubricating oils, penetrants, belt & electrical dressings, silicon sprays, lithium grease, degreasers, dry spray lubricants, and more.

In addition, SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws will also work with a variety of Firearms maintenance aerosol can products, such as bore solvents, cleaners, conditioners, rust inhibitors, Synthetic gun oils, Teflon sprays, and other preservative products.

This product is Made in USA…