After the successful launch of SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws, I sat at my desk pondering what my next entrepreneurial adventure might be and decided to record my thoughts on my computer vs. a thousand Post It Notes. Just as I was about to get started I noticed that my keyboard was getting pretty dusty and thought I’d clean it up before I got going. Finally, I found a can of Duster cleaner in my wife’s office, with no “Red Straw”. Here we go again!

Need I say more…?

Let me introduce the next product in the SHOPSTRAW® lineup. Meet DUSTERSTRAW® Duster Can Replacement Straws for compressed gas Duster cleaner products. DUSTERSTRAW® Duster Can Replacement Straws come in the same handy and convenient clear hard plastic Re-Sealable container as SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws.

Great for the work place, home office, and service industry such as Copy Machine Repair Techs, or any service application where Duster cleaner products are used.

Each pack contains:

10   Neon Blue Aerosol Can Replacement Straws

   1  Re-Sealable Storage Container (storage tube & plug)

Keep in a service repair kit, the office supply cabinet, or in the desk drawer. Give DUSTERSTRAW® a try. Drop our straws on the carpet, or under a desk, in a pile of paperwork and folders, or even in the dark corners of the “desk drawer”. You’ll always see DUSTERSTRAW® Duster Can Replacement Straws due to the bright color used in this product.

Never lose another straw again…

Designed with the end user in mind, we strive to continue and maintain our objective, to offer the best product on the market. Period. Simplicity at it’s finest. Easy to see, Easy to use, Easy to store.

We sincerely hope that your cleanup time at work and home will be a little faster, and hopefully DUSTERSTRAW® makes the job a bit easier. Please let us know how you like our product.

Keep on Dust’n