Let’s get down to business, the SHOPSTRAW® way. SHOPSTRAW® is the the only product on the Commercial and Retail markets that offers an alternative to the classic “Red Straw. SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws work as advertised, so well in fact, we Patent protected this product.

Conceptually developed for the automotive aftermarket industry, it became quickly evident that this product would cross over into the manufacturing and industrial service industries. The bright Neon Green color used in this product is unsurpassed in low light applications.

Whether you’re wrenching in a dark engine compartment or shooting some lubricant on the gears of an overhead garage door opener, with SHOPSTRAW® you’re going to see exactly where you’re aiming. No more pointing with a prayer, hoping to hit your target area, because you’re using the classic “Red Straw” that you can barely see in dark areas.

When you have a tough job to tackle, try our proven product, reach for SHOPSTRAW®. You’ll never play hide and seek again, and no more down time hunting the elusive lost “Red Straw”. Here’s what you’ll get when you buy our product.

Each pack contains:

10   Neon Green Aerosol Can Replacement Straws

   1  Re-Sealable Storage Container, (storage tube & plug)

SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement straws come in a handy and convienient clear hard plastic re-sealable container. Keep in the tool box, glove box, or tackle box. This is hands down, the BEST product on the Market. Period.

Simplicity at its finest. Easy to see, easy to use, easy to store.