I think everyone has memories of working on their first car as a young teenager. You can’t wait to get out there and start wrenching on the car of your dreams, and take that already perfect set of wheels, to another level of perfection and personal satisfaction.

But then, the unthinkable happens. You can’t find the “Red Straw” that came with that can of WD40®. Now it’s back to the store to buy another can of WD40®, just so you can have another “Red Straw”.

That’s where I was in 1974, when my buddies and I where wrenching on our cars. It seemed like every spare minute was spent doing a brake job, replacing a starter, loosening rusty lug nuts, killing a squeaky door hinge, or a hard to turn wing nut on an air cleaner. The linkage on a Holley carb always seemed to need some TLC, as well as the Go Fast “Big Foot” style gas pedal. We were always working on something.

Well, nothing has changed in 40 years. The same common aerosol can maintenance products, still come with one classic “Red Straw”, and the odds are, you’re still going to end up losing that “Red Straw”. I was sick and tired of this endless game. That’s why I decided to create an alternative product that works, one that is easy to see, easy to use, easy to store.

Now, everyday service technicians, and the serious DIY get down and dirty crowd, finally have an option to the classic “Red Straw”. It’s a product called SHOPSTRAW®. Brightly colored, Neon Green Aerosol Can Replacement Straws that come in a re-sealable storage tube. SHOPSTRAW® is truly a mechanics best friend. Here’s what you’ll get when you buy our product.

Each pack contains:

10   Neon Green Aerosol Can Replacement Straws

   1  Re-Sealable Storage Container (storage tube & plug)

Keep in the tool box, glove box, or tackle box. Give SHOPSTRAW® a try. Drop our straws in the tall grass, in the dirt and gravel, in a pile of Autumn leaves, or even in a dark engine compartment. You’ll always see SHOPSTRAW® Aerosol Can Replacement Straws due to the bright color used in this product.

We sincerely hope that you’ll have as much fun working on your car as we did on ours. Hopefully SHOPSTRAW® makes the job a bit easier. Please, let us know how you like our product.

Keep on Wrench’n